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Before Sanook!

Sanook! is the word used in Thai to express fun or an exhilarating feeling which perfectly suits our services that promise nothing less than fun to our customers. Our journey to exciting growth is filled with numerous exceptionally Sanook! stories and successes.

The first step: Getting started...

The website was founded in 1998 under the company MWEB (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and began as a Thai web directory with information and entertainment services. After getting off to a good start and building a great business we created various Internet services that became the means by which Thailand's online world evolved, leading to further, ongoing developments and advances that reflect the success of the company.

In 2007, MWEB (Thailand) Co., Ltd. changed its name to Sanook Online Co., Ltd. to embrace the steadily-growing business. Thanks to a group of experts and visionaries who relentlessly strived to achieve world-class excellence, the company has become a leader in providing comprehensive business services over the Internet in Thailand.

Steps to success... has received the annual Truehits Web Awards every year since the awards inception in 2003 for the “Most Visited Website” and “Most Visited Entertainment Website” categories.

Ready to step into the future...

We are ready to step into the future and we haven't stopped the fun! Sanook's commitment to developing products and various services and facilities on the Internet continues, offering news and information services, all kinds of entertainment, search and e-commerce services and many other features that we have prepared to support future lifestyles. Now, and with continuous development, we are ready to grow even bigger as a network of fun to connect the whole world as one. We are also committed to expanding co-operation to the business sector, both in Thailand and abroad, and to creating a bright future with new services to make the online lives of Thai people even more fun.

Our achievements are testimony to our courage and the strong steps we have taken in the past and are evidence of our ability to ensure success in the future

Are you ready to come and be a part of us... to be a part of our future success?